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About me

Full-stack developer with a full skill set, passionate about building interactive and high-performance mobile and web applications. Proficient in JavaScript (❤️), PHP, 1C, MySQL, as well as a wide range of technologies such as React.js, Node.js, React-native, HTML, CSS, Bitrix, Git. Experience developing both server and client side, business applications, online stores, integration and retraining of large neural network language models, development of synchronizable database architecture, configuration and support of linux servers, web hosting. Extensive experience in vector graphics design and style creation. Constantly improving my skills and learning new technologies.
Hundreds of thousands of lines of code. The crowning achievement is the Word skills project.

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • React-native
  • React.js
  • MySQL
  • 1C-developing

My projects

  • Word-skills

    Site about Word Skills project. Technologies: Javascript, React.js, Next.js, SASS

  • Word-skills mobile app

    Multifunctional mobile application. A unique project with a number of advantages over similar applications. It is under development, but the basic tools are already available. Technologies: Javascript, React-native

  • Word-skills web application

    A web application that replicates some of the features of the Word-skills mobile app. Completely client-side (CSR), creates SQlite database of LokiJS and synchronizes it with the backend. Technologies: JavaScript, Next.js and SASS.

  • Word-skills backend

    Website of word-skills project used for content filling, as well as such APIs as synchronization of application and site data (Databases: backend on MySQL, web application - LokiJS, mobile application - SQLite), translator for applications that have not downloaded the database for offline translation and so on. Technologies PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML.

  • OK Children's Shopping Center Website.

    Online store synchronized with 1C database. Technologies: PHP, Bitrix, CSS, HTML.

  • OK mobile app.

    OK children's shopping center mobile app. JavaScript, React-native technologies.

  • Business-soft Company Website

    An interactive web page with viewing of the status of repair of equipment, balance of the customer's bonus card, filling out a questionnaire. Synchronized with 1C. Technologies: PHP only

  • AI assistant, telegram bots.

    A feature-rich Node.js project with GPT's telegram bots and chatGPT mediator server as API for a Word-skills project. Technologies: Javascript, Python, Node.js, Linux

  • A trading company's business application

    A business application containing various know-how that has allowed the company to have a head start over its rivals (displacing networkers). Special attention should be paid to the module that helps buyers to constantly update the product matrix in accordance with multi-factor ABC-analysis based solely on the time of goods on the display case, rather than on the absolute speed of sale having an error after the end of the goods. Technologies: 1C platform (clean configuration from scratch), mySQL, Javascript, PHP

  • Design

    Style development for children's shopping center OK. Technologies: Corel Draw, After Effect

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If you want to ask a question, discuss a project, or just want to get to know each other, I look forward to hearing from you!

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